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The Studentenwerk of the FH operates 2 residences in Kehl and in Pforzheim for students or job trainees (vocational training) with currently 415 rooms total between them.

Our dormitory rooms are all single rooms including a small privat bathroom and are very popular! We are usually not totally booked out until a month after Semester beginn, so students / job trainees coming late may still be able to get a room in September or March depending on demand. It is still recommended to apply as early as possible because there is always the possibility for our rooms to be fully booked before semester beginn! In the event that we are fully booked upon applying, we can put you on a waiting list. You should try to book your room at least three to six months in advance but the sooner you book the better your chances will be. Rooms in Pforzheim can be booked up to one year in advance!


You are elligable for a room in the dormitory if you are enrolled at the Pforzheim University or if you are on vocational training (job training) or job retraining.

To register, please fill out the APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION send it with a copy of your identity card + Student ID or proof of vocational training to:


to the Pforzheim Dormitory

An application does not automatically entitle you for admission to the student residence or the allocation of a specific room. Rooms may be occupied by a single person only!; No double occupancy is allowed! Married couples or sharing with relatives or friends is not permitted! Rooms are allocated in the order in which they are registered and depending on the number of rooms available. You will be notified by us by email or phone. If there is no room available on the date you want to move in, you will be placed on a waiting list.


The monthly living rent including all costs is currently € 250.00. Before moving into the dormitory, the first rent and the deposit of € 500.00 must be paid. In addition, a parking space (limited number) can be rented for € 15 per month. The deposit will be paid back according to the contract after moving out.


We are just a 10 minute walk from the university and a 15 minute walk to Pforzheim city center. The bustop with connections anywhere in the city is a one minute walk from the Kepler Residence!

Kepler rooms are furnished, but you need to bring blankets and a pillow or buy them here. There is a shared kitchen on every floor. You will have cupboards but you need to provide for your own pots and pans as well as utensils etc. Also please bring your own WLAN router if you want to use WLAN in your room. (LAN connection only)

From Stuttgart Airport you will need aprox. 2 hours to reach the Kepler Hostel by train. From Frankfurt Airport you will need aprox 3 hours to reach the Kepler Hostel by train.

From the Pforzheim train station, take bus 5 (Hochschule / Seehaus) and get out at the Ludwig Erhard School. From here you have a one minute walk to the Kepler Hostel. A Taxi will cost about 12 Euros. Walking distance ca. 20 minutes!


You will receive the rental contract for your room by email or you can sign the contract when you move in as you choose. The regulations listed below also apply to every rental agreement for the dormitory in the Keplerstrasse 75:

  • Dormitory regulations
  • Parking regulations
  • Kitchen rules
  • All rooms are NON-SMOKING ROOMS!
  • Hygiene regulations

These parts of the contract can be viewed and printed out for you before signing the contract.


Requirements for admission to the student residence:
Sending - complete application including Foto, copy of personal ID or Passport and proof of student or vocational training.
Rooms are allocated according to availability in the Pforzheim dormitory. Notification of acceptance is usually sent to applicants by email.